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Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

You should always consider being tested after having unprotected sexual intercourse, whether or not you have any obvious symptoms. In many cases, the infection is not accompanied by any symptoms or signs until a later stage.

Our experienced doctors are available to confidentially discuss potentially risky circumstances you have been exposed to and advise on any necessary action to take.

We would always recommend the use of condoms not just for contraception but as they also protect against the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Getting tested for infections will allow detection at an early stage and prevent them from developing into more serious threat to your health or the health of your partner.

Most sexual health infections can be simply and appropriately treated with antibiotics.

Our Consultation Fees

  • Consultation Fee €55.00
  • Phone Consult €30.00
  • Video Consult €40.00
  • Under 18’s (School / College) €30.00 / €40.00

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