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Men’s Health

Men’s Health

Men’s Health

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Worried about your prostate?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men. Fortunately, in majority of men with prostate symptoms, the case is non-cancerous but due to the prostate gland increasing in size and thus obstructing urine flow. There are medications available which can ease these symptoms considerably.

Take the test – IPPS, if you score highly please make an appointment to see us.

Click here to download International Prostate Symptom Score (I-PSS)

Testicular Health

Men should check their testicles regularly for lumps. If you notice a lump you should always be examined. Don’t feel embarrassed about being examined. Our doctors are experienced professionals are very conscious that a lot of men find it difficult to attend and we aim to make it as easy as possible. Clinical examination and referral for an ultrasound if required are quick and painless procedures.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition; approximately 50% of all men ages between 40 and 70 will experience erectile dysfunction at some point. There are many reasons why this can happen. Please come and talk to us and we can decide on investigations and management. You are not alone.


One in six couples can be affected by a fertility issue preventing conception. In men, the most common cause is lack of sperm or low sperm mobility. We can organise sperm analysis and explain what is involved. We usually would organise some other blood tests for you.

Vasectomy Counselling

This is still an important choice for men but it is important to consider all of the implications. Talk to our experienced doctors about your options

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