Ashwood Medical Centre

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Medical Card cover me for everything?

Your Medical Card covers you for most treatments. However, the following are not covered;

  • Notes for work
  • Medicals for work
  • Medical for driver licences
  • Medical Card review forms, we are happy to sigh these but should you need medical information on the same there will be a small fee
  • Bloods, we will take your blood for no fee and you can bring them to the hospital yourself. However, if you wish to avail of our courier service then there is a charge. See Fee List

How does the appointment system work?

Our aim is to see patients in a non-chaotic environment. To try achieve this we brought in an appointment system. Unfortunately, there is a high demand for general practitioners at the moment. Ideally, we would like to give all our patients their choice of doctor on every occasion but this is not possible.

Appointments can be booked in advance. However, we are well aware that patients cannot always predict when they will get sick.

If a patient gets sick overnight, you can telephone the surgery at 8am. You will be given a free appointment is available.

What if I am not happy with the service I received?

As a team we try to do our best for our patients but we as a team have no doubt that this does not always happen. We are happy to hear concerns. Please follow the link to our complaints procedures and policy.

What if I think things could be done differently?

We would welcome any ideas that would make our service/practice a better place to come to. If you have ideas, we welcome them. You can put them in writing what we would ask is that you suggest how we can change it. If you have made a suggestion and we have not taken it on board it does not mean that we did not explore the idea, rather we may not be in a position at that time to change it.

Why do the receptionists ask why I need to be seen?

Firstly, we absolutely respect your right to privacy. Please see our policy on this. However, in order to ensure that patients are managed properly, we have asked our receptionists to ask some relevant questions. Some consultations take longer than others so it is useful for us to able to plan around this. All our staff sign confidentiality clauses. They will have some access to your files but this is limited and can be tracked to that person. Very sensitive information that is given to a specific doctor can be protected so that only that doctor can see it. If another doctor needs to access that they must state why. No nonmedical staff member will have access to this. Should you have specific information that you wish to be protected simply ask your treating doctor to place it under private note.

What if I get when the surgery is closed?

We have an out of hours service called DubDoc. This operates Monday to Friday 6pm to 10pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm. There is also Doc on Duty who will provide a call out doctor to the house. Both of these services are for emergencies only.

I have tests ordered by the Doctor; how do I get my result?

Due to the extremely large volume of blood tests our Doctors have to review on a daily basis. It can take up to 14 days for you to be informed of your blood test results (unless a result warrants urgent attention).

Similarly it can take 14 days for you to be informed of (nonurgent) results of X-Ray, scans or other investigations done at the hospital.

Is my child entitled to a Medical Card/Under 6s Card?

All children are entitled to free GP service under 6 years. This does not entitle the child to free medication or a visit to the emergency department. This link explains the service.

Consultation is by appointment only, make an Appointment